Cecilia Cheung evacuates Singapore hotel in fire scare

The Hong Kong actress is currently holidaying here with her sons

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, who is holidaying in Singapore, had to evacuate her hotel after a fire scare November 22.

In a post on Instagram stories, the actress said she was fast asleep in the wee hours of the morning when she was awakened by the fire alarm in her hotel room. An announcement made over the public announcement system asked the guests to evacuate the building.

She then calmly carried her sleeping son, 1-year-old Marcus, and picked up some of her valuables before leaving her hotel room.

Thankfully, there was no major damage reported and she was soon able to return to her room. After the entire ordeal, Cecilia updated her followers about the experience. “I saw that you were awake when I woke up,” she wrote in her caption, referring to her helper, who also tagged along for the trip. “You were so afraid that you were trembling, but why didn’t you wake me up?”

All seems to be going well for Cecilia since the scare, as she has continued with her trip as planned.

Cecilia is believed to have arrived in Singapore last week with her sons, and has been posting updates of herself at various spots in the city, such as Orchard Road and Universal Studios Singapore.

Photos: PBE Media

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