Cecilia Cheung does not want her sons to get hurt from her divorce from Nicholas Tse

She opened up in a rare tell-all interview

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Cecilia Cheung recorded a rare tell-all interview with Tencent Video’s new reality programme, Middle Me, where she talked about how the constant spotlight has caused her to worry about her sons’ welfare, especially after she divorced Nicholas Tse.

The 38-year-old shared that she has had numerous ups and downs in her two-decade career, admitting that she has made mistakes along the way. “I’ve never done anything I regretted, neither do I try to find someone to blame for things that went wrong. If something happens, you just have to accept it and bear the consequences,” she said matter-of-factly.

However, she let on that she has been hurt numerous times in the past. While she didn’t specify which incident it was, she said that there was one incident that “hurt me so much (…) No matter how strong a person is, you’d definitely get hurt by something like this”.

This led to speculation that she was referring to the intimate photos of her and actor Edison Chen that were leaked in 2008. Cecilia was among the numerous females that Edison had taken these compromising photos with, and the incident was splashed across cover pages for weeks after the leak.

At the time, Cecilia was married to Nicholas, and many have speculated that part of the reason behind their eventual divorce was because of the leak.

She was also asked about the rumours that plagued her and her former husband after their split. The actress responded, “While handling the pressure that the media has maintained on us for the past few years, we’ve also tried to maintain the relationship among our family members at the same time.”

Cecilia added that outsiders will never be able to fully understand what their relationship is like, and that her greatest worry is that her sons will get hurt from the constant media attention that has been placed on their family.

In related news, the identity of the father of Cecilia’s third child is still a mystery, as new reports are bringing back the claim that the reason why she has kept silent on the matter is because she broke up with the man before ‘Little Prince’ was born.

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