Cecilia Cheung called out for “lying" on TV

Netizens have accused the actress of being a serial liar


Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s latest appearance on the variety show Day Day Up has raised questions about the veracity of her previous stories.

On the show, the 39-year-old shared that her father was a chef, and had influenced her greatly. As a result, she often steps into the kitchen at home to whip up meals for her sons, making sure to cook at least two different dishes for them daily.

Upon hearing her words, Chinese singer-actor Wowkie Zhang asked Cecilia, “What dishes do your sons like?”

However, Cecilia did not answer his question directly, choosing to share that her eldest son, Lucas, 11, is partial to Chinese cuisine, while her second son, Quintus, 9, likes Western food. 

Chinese host, Li Xiang, then clarified Wowkie’s question, asking Cecilia, “What Wowkie meant was, what are some of the dishes you’ve whipped up for your sons?”

Cecilia responded with, “Lucas likes rice and Quintus likes hamburgers”. 


Dissatisfied with her vague answers, netizens then left comments doubting Cecilia’s claims, with one writing, “It looks like she doesn’t really cook for her sons that often”. Many also shared their doubts on Cecilia’s parenting abilities, questioning if she really was as good of a mother as she is portrayed to be.

Some also shared that Cecilia had claimed that she was a “life-long vegetarian” on the show. However, a few years ago, Cecilia had appeared on another variety show, where she was shown gamely trying a meat dish that a fellow celebrity had cooked. The actress had also posted a picture of herself, ready to tuck into a mushroom-chicken dish before, contradicting her claims of being a vegetarian.

Photos: PBE Media

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