Cecilia Cheung breaks silence over lying accusations

She has been branded a serial liar by netizens

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s appearance on variety show Day Day Up became the source of negative press as netizens branded the mother-of-three a serial liar. Among the points they brought up is that despite her claims that she whips up meals for her sons daily, she was unable to name some of the things that she has prepared for them.

This has led to others digging out other questionable statements that she’s made in the past, including ‘I didn’t eat nor drink and just slept for 16 days’, ‘I had four miscarriages in a row before having (my son) Quintus’, ‘I filmed for three months without sleeping’ and ‘You’ll lose weight if you eat supper regularly’.

Cecilia has not responded directly to these claims, but updated her Instagram account with two posts that indirectly addressed them. The first, which was uploaded yesterday (June 2), simply read “Gossip is a fearful thing”. It was soon followed by a photo of herself, accompanied by the short caption “positive energy”.

In another post made today (June 3), she showed off a video of her preparing steamed salmon and pureed pumpkin and broccoli for her sons. She wrote, “I get a sense of fulfillment when I manage to come up with and prepare a different meal every day. It’s impossible for those without children to understand. You’ll only be able to understand the joy this fills you with when you have kids of your own!”

This week alone, she has uploaded videos of herself preparing sunny-side up eggs, crabs, steamed fish and scallops among others, which has been viewed by many as an indirect response to the accusations that Cecilia doesn’t cook often.

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