Catherine Hung’s son deletes all pictures with stepfather

Andy Zhang is rumoured to have cheated on Catherine with his manager


Even after Chinese actor Andy Zhang issued a strong denial against the reports that he was cheating on his wife, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung, reports speculating about the couple’s relationship continue to be released every day.

Earlier last month, pictures of Andy’s manager in his hotel room were published, alongside reports alleging that the actor was cheating on Catherine with his female manager, Bi Ying. Around the time the reports were released, netizens also discovered that Catherine had deleted all pictures of Andy from her Weibo account, adding fuel to the fire.

Although Andy denied the reports, and shared that he will be taking legal action against the media outlets, many remained unconvinced that there was nothing going on between the 38-year-old and his manager.

Yesterday (May 6), netizens shared that Catherine’s 19-year-old son, Ashley Zhang had followed in his mother’s footsteps, deleting all mention of Andy from his own Weibo account. Ashley is Catherine’s son from her previous marriage to Hong Kong actor-singer Max Mok. Ashley changed his surname to Zhang when Catherine tied the knot with Andy in 2009.

The duo have a close relationship, often mentioning and joking with each other online. According to reports, Ashley has sided with his mother, and deleted everything to show his disapproval of Andy’s actions.

In other related news, Catherine, who has yet to comment on the reports, recently appeared at a promotional event. The actress did not seem to be affected by the reports, and did not answer any media questions. A journalist who is said to be close to Catherine has revealed that the 48-year-old is “gathering evidence” to fight back against Andy.


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