Casino mogul Stanley Ho’s son Mario Ho guests on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’

The sixth instalment of the Chinese variety series is highly anticipated by viewers around the world

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Earlier this month, an unverified name list of the cast members involved in the sixth instalment of popular variety series Where Are We Going, Dad? circulated online, which caused much excitement among netizens.

This week, photos of the cast leaked online have confirmed that Jordan Chan and his son, Jasper, will be returning for another season. In the photos, Jordan was seen handling the luggage with one hand, and used his other to hold on to his son. Netizens expressed their excitement at seeing Jasper once again, as the little boy was one of the programme’s hot favourites in the previous season.

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What surprised many as the appearance of Mario Ho, who is casino mogul Stanley Ho’s son. 

Mario is likely to be taking on the role of the dad-in-training on the sixth season. Two names that were previously rumoured to be taking on this role are Fan Chengcheng and Bi Wen Jun, both of whom were contestants on survival reality programme Idol Producer. Wen Jun was previously spotted with the programme’s mission card, which led many to believe that he would have to try his hand at parenting this time around. Unexpectedly, Mario was the one who was seen at the filming.

After photos of Mario at the filming were revealed, netizens shared that he might have a totally different dynamic with the children as the mogul’s son is known to have done exceptionally well in school, and even made the top 30 of reality show The Brain.

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