Carrie Wong had to take down Valentine’s Day post after “unexpected issues”

The ‘My One In A Million’ actress went public with her beau last week

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Photos: Tammi Tan, Instagram/Carrie Wong, Boris Lin

Carrie Wong may play a matchmaker who is cursed with being #foreveralone in upcoming Channel 8 drama My One In A Million, but that certainly isn’t the case for the actress in real life.

On Valentine’s Day this year, the 25-year-old surprised everyone when she dedicated two sweet Instagram posts to a man tagged as “@borislin07013”, whom she referred to as “my love”. “The courage you gave me is what allows me to be strong for you”, she gushed.

Boris also shared a wefie of the couple and wrote, “Actually, it’s never been easy for both of us. But we will go through everything together, no matter what happened. I can’t promise to solve all of your problems, but I can promise you will never face them alone. Happy Valentines Day, I love you (sic)”.

However, Carrie’s posts had mysteriously disappeared by the next day, while Boris made his once-public Instagram page private. What on earth happened?

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We had a chance to get to the bottom of things during the lensing ceremony for My One In A Million this morning (Feb 20). During our interview with Carrie, she shared that she had to take the pictures down for an “unexpected private reason”. “It’s not convenient for me to elaborate more at the moment, but I thank you all for the concern,” she said.

Carrie also assured us that her relationship is still going strong. “A lot of people were concerned when I took the posts down but don’t worry, we are fine, it’s just that I would still prefer to remain very low-key about him,” she said, adding that she will share more “when the time is right”.

Another small detail we managed to squeeze out of her: he’s not Singaporean (something we deduced as well, seeing his photos of him hanging out with Taiwanese celebrities such as Prince Chiu). Other than that, Carrie reiterated that she will be more forthcoming with details in the future, but due to “some unexpected issues” (which we are getting increasingly curious about), she can’t say anymore.

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Most folks might remember My One In A Million as the show that late actor Aloysius Pang was supposed to star in before his untimely passing last month. His part has since been taken over by Story of Yanxi Palace actor Lawrence Wong, in his first Channel 8 leading role.

As a fan of the hit Chinese period blockbuster herself, Carrie said that she was “very excited” when she learned that she would be sharing screen time with Lawrence. “I met him about three years ago on the set of 118 but this is officially our first time working together, so I’m eager to see how our chemistry plays out,” she chirped. In fact, most of her fellow cast members are artistes that she has never collaborated with in the past, including Xiang Yun.

Our conversation took a bittersweet turn when we asked if Carrie had the chance to discuss this new project with Aloysius. “Our last conversation was actually about the show, when he was still in New Zealand,” she shared wistfully. “I believe he will want us to do well, so we will all do our best to complete this for him.”

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My One In A Million premieres in July 2019 on Channel 8.

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