Remember when we got Bonia ambassadors Carrie Wong and Romeo Tan to design their dream bags for us? Well, those whiteboard sketches have come to life, and were unveiled at a cosy showcase for the brand’s Too Cool For School-themed collection two weeks ago (so in a way… you saw them here on Toggle first?).

At the moment, only Carrie’s cute crossbody, which comes in a variety of colours and textures, is available for sale, while Romeo remains the only person in the world who owns his cool, duotone knapsack. Both actors seemed extremely pleased with their creations, which we learned are completely in line with their personal pack preferences during our chat before the event.

“I don’t like to bring a lot of things with me on casual outings, so this size is perfect for me,” shared Carrie, proudly showing off her eponymous mini satchel in a sweet mint shade. It’s a different story when she’s going to work, though, as she switches to a large tote that can hold her scripts, books, portable charger, and water bottle.

Romeo, on the other hand, admitted to being “very lazy”, so he’d rather just dump everything into one huge carrier. “You can usually find a full-size can of hairspray, hair wax, a makeup kit, scripts, a mini fan, water bottles, and sometimes clothes in my bag,” said the actor, rattling off his list of essentials with a grin. “I’m not sure how much it weighs, but according to Pan Lingling, it’s as heavy as her son’s field pack. (Laughs)”