Carrie Wong raring to go after long break

The 24-year-old recently renewed her contract with Mediacorp and has plenty lined up in the coming months


Carrie Wong confirmed earlier today that she has renewed her contract with Mediacorp. and shared that she’s excited to dive back into work after her six-month break, during which she took on acting classes in Taiwan.

She spoke to Toggle in an exclusive interview after the news was confirmed, where she shared that her dance card is so full at the moment that she’s likely to be busy until mid-2019.

“I started discussing the new contract pretty late. I was busy filming and my manager didn’t bring it up as well so I didn’t think about it this much. It was only until one day when my manager sent me a message mentioning that they wanted to discuss my contract did I realise that my contract was almost up. It’s not something that I thought about often,” she said with a sheepish grin as we asked her about how long she’s been considering the renewal.

There were previous reports that she was intending to explore other opportunities when her contract expired, something that Carrie chuckled made her feel perplexed. She explained, “I found it very strange because I never said such a thing to anyone. I took six months of leave because I was in Taiwan, so people thought that I wanted to expand my career in Taiwan. I was really just taking an extended period of leave because I wanted to study, and that’s what I told the company as well. I don’t know how the rumour started, and it’s not true. I’ve never said that I wanted to leave the company.”

carrie taiwan
Carrie Wong in Taiwan

Sharing that this was a decision that she made on her own, Carrie let on that she rarely discusses her career with others - not even her parents.

“Everyone has different goals in life. What (others) want might not be the same as what my goals are, so their advice might not apply to me and likewise, what I say might not apply to them as well. At the end of the day, it depends what kind of goals you’re after (…) and my choices are dependent on what my heart wants,” she said.

With that out of the way, we asked about her plans in the coming months as she has recently been promoted to leading lady on a Channel 8 drama. Titled Hello Miss Driver, in which she will be romanced by Elvin Ng, Carrie also confirmed that she will be taking on another lead role in a Channel 8 drama next year.

Beyond that, she expressed her hopes to take on a movie role and collaborating on overseas projects, something she shared the company is fully supportive of (as seen with Pierre Png doing Crazy Rich Asians in Hollywood and Mediacorp’s co-production with Viu Hong Kong, Bluetick. A point reaffirmed by Ivy Low, Head of TCA in an official media release announcing Carrie’s re-contract with Mediacorp. “Our collaboration with Hong Kong's ViuTV in this year’s Toggle Originals thriller Bluetick introduced Mediacorp luminaries like Desmond Tan, Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu to an entirely new faction of fans,” said Ivy. “We’re thrilled to tease a new tie-up with Taiwan Television starring several Singaporean fan favourites, so watch this space.”

“I like taking on new experiences. In the past four, five years, I’ve put my focus on local productions so if possible, I’d want to work with production companies from other countries - it doesn’t matter which country - or go overseas to film. It’s a new experience. For example, Toggle just filmed Beijing to Moscow, and this is an example of what I’d want to try out,” she mused.

carrie newyork
Carrie Wong in New York

“I was previously discussing being a part of a Channel 5 production, but at the time it couldn’t fit into my schedule so it fell through. I have yet to film an English production so I hope to give it a try as well.”

However, this doesn’t mean that she has set her sights on expanding her career overseas, as she explained that she doesn’t have a FOMO (fear of missing out) on possible overseas collaborations. “I don’t think you should think that a certain kind of project is more important than others. Whatever comes my way is something to be cherished, and if I’m continuously fixated on just overseas projects, I’ll end up missing out on a lot more. I’m happy, and that’s what matters.”

“I’m not someone who gives myself certain goals to reach at a specific age. I’m someone who lives in the moment and I’ll accept any opportunities that come my way. Looking at my life as a whole, I’m pretty happy with it and I’m very satisfied. I’m in a good place right now, and I think maturing as an individual is also part of the growing process (…)  I don’t want to force myself to abide by some sort of timeline, because that’s honestly too tiring for me,” she continued.

In the meantime, she will work on constantly improving herself, becoming better in her acting and to expand her knowledge so when opportunities come knocking on her door, she’ll be more than ready for them.

Declaring 2018 as one of the best years of her life, Carrie mused that she might only have filmed one Channel 8 drama, You Can Be An Angel 3, this year, but she’s achieved a lot more in different aspects.

“I took a half-year break for my studies in Taiwan, and I’ve also been resting during this time and I’ve attained a level of inner peace that’s irreplaceable. After coming back from my trip, I feel more assured and confident while I’m at work,” she chirped. “I’ve also done a lot of things that I haven’t done before, such as attending classes. It’s also the first time I’ve been to New York, and I even attended New York Fashion Week, which is a dream that I’ve had for a long time, so I’ve been really happy this year.”

Catch You Can Be an Angel 3 weeknights, 9pm on Channel 8, or on Toggle. Watch past episodes of You Can Be an Angel Too and You Can Be an Angel 2 on Toggle.

Hello Miss Driver debuts on April 4, 2019, 9pm on Channel 8.

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