Carman Lee shoots down hopes of a reel-to-real life romance with Louis Koo

Guess there’s no hope for fans wishing for the on-screen lovers to get together in real life.


Hong Kong actress Carman Lee is perhaps best known for her role in the 1995 drama series, The Condor Heroes 95, where she played the female lead, Xiao Long Nü, alongside Hong Kong actor Louis Koo’s Yang Guo.

The couple’s on-screen pairing was well received by fans, who praised the duo’s chemistry. Carman and Louis also forged a strong friendship from their time spent on the set together, and remain close friends till now.

Recently, Carman made an appearance at a press event, where she was asked about the “possibility of a relationship with Louis”.

In her reply, Carman chose to keep things neutral. She shared that while a number of audience members might get too engrossed in a drama and fantasise about the actors getting together in real life, reality is often different from what they see on screen. 

She went on to reveal that, just like the viewers, actors can get similarly engrossed in their characters while filming is taking place.

“Xiao Long Nü will definitely like Yang Guo, but after filming ends, we have to walk away from these roles,” Carman said, putting to rest any rumours that she might be in a relationship with Louis.

When asked if she would consider working with Louis again, Carman replied, “We’ll have to leave it up to fate. It’s nice to be able to leave everyone with a good memory of us working together. As a viewer, I’d anticipate it too. But we definitely can’t play a pair of siblings - we’d have to play a couple, or the audience wouldn’t be able to accept it,” she laughed.

Carman then ended things by calling for Louis to take care of his health, adding in a wish for him to find his other half soon.

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