Carina Lau thankful for lesson learnt during 1990 kidnapping

The actress shared that she has since forgiven her four kidnappers

carina lau

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau was subject to a harrowing experience in 1990, when she was kidnapped by four unknown kidnappers. 

At that time, it was said that as the actress had refused to act in a movie that a triad leader had invested in. Thus, the triad leader had given the orders for Carina to be kidnapped. During the kidnapping, nude photos of the actress were taken. These photos were later published on the cover of a magazine in 2002, bringing the entire kidnapping ordeal to light.

In subsequent interviews, Carina revealed that the kidnappers were only in it for the money, and that she was thankful that she had not been raped.

Recently, she guested on the talk show, Dian Feng Wen Da, where she shared more about her thoughts on the entire ordeal. The 52-year-old revealed that she had struggled to face the issue initially. Almost three decades after the kidnapping, she is now able to remain calm and unperturbed even when she has to talk about it.

“I'm very thankful (that I experienced it), because it allowed me to learn a very valuable lesson,” she said.

Carina shared that she has grown more mature because of the kidnapping, and that she has become more joyful now. The actress also let on that she has since forgiven her kidnappers.

“It's only when you accept the setbacks, trials and unfairness of life, then are you truly able to understand life, and stride forward with your head held high,” she mused.

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