Carina Lau is an actress with more than 30 years of acting experience under her belt, yet she had trouble filming a seduction scene in the third installment of the Detective Dee movie series. 

At the premiere of the Tsui Hark-directed Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, the Hong Kong actress revealed that Tsui Hark had to demonstrate to her and show her how to flirt with Mark Chao's Detective Dee character on set. Carina, who will play Empress Wu Zetian for the third time in this series, added that Tsui Hark had to show her the kind of "spider-like" facial expression and body language she should relay in her acting too. 

The 52-year-old explained that such scenes are "too difficult" for her as she personally sees herself as a strong and independent woman and found it hard to pander to a man's needs.

Carina also added that she sees herself in Wu Zetian, the first female rule of China, and called the latter her "idol". As a 21st century woman, she said: "I am a feminist and I think girls should recognise their own worth and not underestimate themselves."

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