We should all be as lucky as Annie Yi. Even at 48, she has managed to look as fresh-faced and perky as a teenager (and she doesn’t even appear as, um, plastic like so many Botoxed stars).

Formerly Mrs Harlem Yu, her nine-year marriage to the Taiwanese TV host ended in an acrimonious divorce in 2009 amidst rumours of Annie cheating on Harlem. The couple has a 15-year-old son, Harrison Yu.

In 2015, Annie got hitched again, this time in a glitzy Phuket wedding to Chinese actor Qin Hao, who’s a decade younger. The next year, Annie gave birth to their daughter Milly Qin.

Not that age has anything on the then 46-year-old (!!!) Annie, who flaunted her bump on social media looking like a, um, teen mum. She even did the A4 paper challenge (where one holds a piece of A4-sized paper against their upper torso to show off that their waistline is smaller than a sheet of paper) while heavily pregnant, and the result, well, you can see for yourself in the pics above.

On the other hand, her two-year-old daughter Milly has also attracted the attention of Internet trolls, who comment on Annie’s social media photos about the tyke’s decidedly, um, plain looks and how she looks nothing like her beautiful mum.

Annie immediately clapped back at her haters on Weibo, calling out one particular troll for ironically having a picture of Buddha as his profile photo. “I’ve stopped censoring [the trolls’ usernames],” she ranted. “I’ve never said that my child was pretty. When you scold me, I’ll laugh it off. Since you use a picture of Buddha as your profile picture but leave comments insulting my child, then let me enlighten you and use the principles of Buddhism to show you the error of your ways. I wouldn't dare insult other people, for the gods are always watching.”

Moral of the story? Never try to troll a mama bear, even if she looks as sweet and demure as Annie Yi.