BTS and UNICEF’s joint campaign donations crosses S$2.78 million

The LOVE MYSELF initiative kicked off in November 2017

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In October 2017, blimps with Korean super group BTS’ faces were flown over the seven members’ respective hometowns, igniting curiosity all over the world. Less than a month later, it was officially announced that the septet would join hands with UNICEF KOREA to kick off the LOVE MYSELF campaign, an initiative against violence towards children and teens around the world with the hope of making the world a better place through music.

A little over a year later, donations have officially crossed the 2.4 billion won (S$2.78 million) mark as the group, its label and fans all over the world have continuously contributed to the fund.

BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, along with the seven members, got the ball rolling as they put in 500 million won (S$578,000) at the start of the partnership. A large part of the donations are believed to come from a percentage of the sales proceeds of physical albums from BTS’ LOVE YOURSELF series which have also been channelled to the LOVE MYSELF fund.

The LOVE YOURSELF series, which consists of three albums, LOVE YOURSELF: Her, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer, has sold over 3.5 million physical albums based on Hanteo, one of the two main charts in Korea which records physical album sales. With each album priced at an average of 16,000 won (S$18.50) each, the three percent donation would have contributed an estimated S$1.94 million to the LOVE MYSELF campaign.

The remainder of the donations are from sale of official LOVE MYSELF campaign goods, along with concert goers’ donations at UNICEF desks at many of BTS’ concerts all over the world, among others.

This ongoing campaign is hailed as the first of its kind, as the group, along with its fans, have banded together to bring about a change in the world. Apart from the donations, the group is also the face of the #ENDVIOLENCE campaign, and leader RM spoke at the UNICEF Generation Unlimited event of the UN General Assembly in New York last September.

Photos: Big Hit Entertainment

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