Bryan Chang indirectly admits to relationship with Nini Ouyang?

The actors have been caught up in dating rumours for a couple of months now.


Actor Bryan Chang has been caught up in dating rumours with his The Haunted Heart co-star, actress Nini Ouyang, for a couple of months now. 

A day after his birthday on October 22, Bryan took to Facebook to share screenshots of a text exchange he had with a user whom he referred to as his “younger sister”.

In the screenshots, his “younger sister” can be seen wishing him a happy birthday, and urging for him to “quickly marry my older sister”. Later, she went on to promise that “once I find a boyfriend, [us] three [sisters] should bring my mum out to play, together with our respective boyfriends”.

After reading the texts, many fans surmised that the “younger sister” Bryan was conversing with must be Nini’s youngest sister, Didi Ouyang (Nini has another younger sister, actress Nana Ouyang). To add fuel to the fire, Nini only follows three accounts on Instagram, one of which is Bryan’s.


Although Bryan did not admit to his relationship with Nini outright, many took his post as an indirect admission that they are indeed dating. The post was captioned, “Thank you my dearest younger sister. I’m really glad that after falling in love with your older sister, you all appeared in my life. [As your] older brother, I don’t have any special wishes, all I hope for is for everyone I love to be safe and healthy, and if possible, to have a booming career.”

He also added a short note to his "younger sister”, writing, “It’s true that there are boundless things in life that are very alluring and worth chasing, but trust [your] older brother, [to be able to] spend life together with the ones you love, that’s what’s most precious! So I’ve always cherished you all! Love you guys! Thank you for your blessings.”

However, the post has been deleted as of press time, with netizens casting their doubts on the post itself, claiming that the text exchange must have been Photoshopped. Many have also taken the posts to mean that Nana is currently attached as well, leading to speculations on the identity of Nana’s mystery boyfriend.

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