Boon Hui Lu hopes that Stefanie Sun will sing her songs one day

The 24-year-old told us that she hopes to be known not just for her cover songs

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Boon Hui Lu may be all of 24 years old, but the young star has had quite the showbiz journey. She first stepped into the industry through acting, and was even awarded a Young Talent Award at the Star Awards for her role in 2006 drama Rhapsody in Blue.

However, it seemed that her true passion was still calling out to her – singing. The bubbly songbird, who is one of the ambassadors of SPOP SING!, told us that both she and her parents knew from a young age that singing was something that she loved.

“I used to sing really loudly while standing on the sofa,” she chuckled in an interview with Toggle. “I imagined myself to be singing at a concert in front of thousands of people, but my parents would tell me to quiet down because I used to do that around midnight.”

In junior college, Hui Lu joined choir as her CCA to learn more about singing, and represented Singapore in Taiwanese reality contest Million Star. Closer to home, she was also among the Top 40 finalists in Channel 5’s contest, The Final 1.

After graduating from Nanyang Technological University with a bachelors in accounting, however, she had to face the uphill task of convincing her parents that she wanted to pursue singing professionally, and not just as a hobby.

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“My family members were a bit concerned because being a singer isn’t as stable (as having a desk job). There are a lot of unknown elements, so we sat down for a discussion after I graduated from university and I explained to them what my logic is. I convinced them in a very logical manner, which helped them to understand why I chose music,” she explained. “I’m grateful that the singing that I love so much is now part of my career.”

Currently signed to HIM International Music, the Taiwanese record label that launched the likes of S.H.E’s career, Hui Lu is working hard on releasing her first album in the coming months. Even before that, however, she’s already amassed over half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, with her most popular video boasting a staggering 44 million views.

Said video, a cover of ‘Stranger In The North’ by Namewee and Wang Leehom, is one of those that has catapulted her to internet fame. Hui Lu admitted that she “had never even dreamed that I would receive such a response”, especially since her only platform to express herself is through her music.

With the three most popular videos on her channel having a combined total of 72 million views, we asked Hui Lu how she feels about being dubbed a queen of cover songs.

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“I believe this is just a transitional period. Perhaps a lot of people still don’t know that I have my own original work, but if I continue pushing out more of my own songs, the focus will shift there as well,” she smiled. She mused that her covers have probably gained this much attention also because she puts her own spin on the original songs, which gives them a flavour of their own.

That doesn’t mean that she’ll stop creating cover songs, however, as she explained that she’d always want to cover songs that appeal to her – that being said, don’t expect another viral cover to come out anytime soon, as she’s focusing on pushing out her first album by the end of the year.

Having previously written ‘Every Day is a Miracle’ and ‘Your Body Speaks’ for Hebe Tien, Hui Lu has her sights set on having fellow local singer Stefanie Sun sing her songs one day.

“I’ve liked her since I was much younger. I also like Lee Shih Shiong and Lee Wei Song, but I’d be really happy if Stefanie would be willing to sing my songs one day,” she grinned. Hui Lu, who has been churning out as many songs as she can, shared that her reason for working non-stop is simple.

“If I keep writing, I’d get all the bad stuff out of my system and in that way, I’d be able to think of new things as well. If you don’t play the piano for a long time and come back to it after a while,  you’ll find that your fingers are stiff – that’s how your brain is as well. If you find yourself stuck with a mental block and don’t write for three or four months, you’d realise that you’ve lost your sense of melody when you try to pick up the pen again.”

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