Singer-actress Yan Ng, TV host Bonnie Chu, and more attended a press conference to promote a new info-ed programme in Hong Kong on May 23.

Yan, who gave birth to her first child late last year, shared some stories from when she was still pregnant. “I once got upset over a small matter and was unable to control my emotions, so I locked myself up in the bathroom and cried for half an hour!” she laughed. “I think I scared my poor husband half to death.”

Like Ella Chen, who recently took to social media to share about the health problems she suffered after giving birth to her son, Yan shared that she also had some postpartum issues as well. “I’m not saying this to scare others off from having children of their own,” she clarified. “Anyway, thanks to the advancement of medicine, there are a lot of ways to recover.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie took the opportunity to speak out against the press for their irresponsible reporting on her friend Elaine Yiu, who was accused of stealing another woman’s husband. Elaine has since stepped forward to clarify her side of the story, saying that while she did date the guy for a while, he was already separated from his ex-wife during their relationship.

“The media’s behaviour was unacceptable,” she fumed. “I’ve worked in the media before, and what one should do when they receive seemingly incriminating photos is to check back with the source for more information. However, they went ahead and published whatever headline they wanted, and because of this, there were many unjust accusations flying around.”

Photos: TPG