Blackie Chen receives “heartwarming gift”

The host was allowed to fix his damaged car for free because of his kind deed


According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwanese host Blackie Chen met a car accident last Friday (May 18) on a road in Xinyi District, Taipei. While the host was not injured, his car, a McLaren sports car that costs NT$15.8 million (approximately S$709,000), was damaged during the crash.

A taxi had crashed into the back of his vehicle, as the driver was too preoccupied with the passengers in his car and could not stop the vehicle in time.

Knowing that servicing fees will be high and that the crash was just an accident, Blackie decided not to seek monetary compensation from the taxi driver.

Yesterday (May 22), the 41-year-old host shared on Facebook that he had taken his car to the servicing center to get it fixed, only to be told that he could do it at no cost.

“The car company read about the accident in the papers, and told me they were touched by what I did. To repay my act of kindness with one of their own, they decided to fix my car for free,” he wrote. “This is such a heartwarming gift.”

“To be intellectual is a gift, but to be kind is a choice,” the host mused, “Let’s continue to be kind towards other people, because kindness makes the world go round.”

Photo: PBE Media

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