Taiwanese singer Bii went on air on a radio show in Taipei on May 22 to promote his new album Be Better, which is set to be released on May 31.

He also shared more about his preparations for his upcoming concert tour, which kicks off in Shanghai on July 6. “I’m currently in the midst of creating something different for the audience, as well as honing my performance skills,” he revealed. As for whether there are plans for him to return to the Taipei Arena anytime soon, Bii said that for this year at least, he hopes to be able to hold showcases at smaller, more intimate venues in Taiwan.

Earlier this month, Bii caused a stir when he went public with his secret relationship with Jessie, his non-celebrity girlfriend of six years. When asked how his partner reacted to the media frenzy and attention, he said, “Actually, she was more worried about me, but I’m in a very good mood. Many people have wished me well and shared their concern for me, so I’m very thankful for that.”

He then revealed that both his and Jessie’s families have met, and that his mother is already urging him to settle down soon. However, he wishes to achieve more success in his career before tying the knot. “Work has always been my number one priority, and I hope that is something my girlfriend will be able to understand and support.”

With that said, he took the opportunity to thank his girlfriend for being by his side through the ups and downs. “I went through a rather bleak period over the past few years where I felt very insecure, but I have her to thank for her companionship,” he gushed.

Bii also apologised to anyone who might have been negatively affected by his dating news. “It was never my intention to hurt anyone, although I understand that there might have been people who were hurt,” he said. “From now on, I wish to protect those around me, including my future family.”

Photos: TPG