He sings! He dances! He DJs! And he also has great business acumen to boot!

BigBang’s Seungri recently opened his 14th ramen restaurant. Yes, you read that right. 1-4. Not bad considering that he opened his first Aori Ramen outlet in Cheongdamdong just last December. Hey, that’s like one new ramen shop every month! Also, as you can see from the photo gallery, it seems like it’s become a tradition for the BigBang member (and Ramen King) to pose with his arms stretched upwards (V for victory?) outside each new outlet.

Seungri’s newest Aori Ramen branch is located in the Itaewon district in Seoul. You know, the upscale neighbourhood where Korean power couples Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, as well as Rain and Kim Tae Hee, reside. It's his 12th outlet in Korea and he has two other outlets in Tokyo and Osaka.

What’s special about Seungri’s ramen restaurants is that they boast individual booths, like famed Japanese ramen joint Ichiran. Seungri said he created that concept to ensure one’s privacy and also so that people won’t feel awkward dining alone.

And restaurateur is just one of the many hats the 26-year-old wears. Seungri is also the CEO of global DJ label Natural High Record, lounge bar Monkey Museum and club Cheondam D.Mansion, amongst other business ventures. He was also the brains behind now-defunct idol agency Seungri Academy, which produced many successful idols like Winner’s Kim Jinwoo, BTS’ J-Hope and VIXX’s Hyuk. 

So maybe it's time to stop calling Seungri the “most untalented” member of BigBang? 

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