South Korean boygroup BIGBANG’s leader, G-Dragon, enlisted for his mandatory military service earlier this February.

Last Tuesday (June 19), reports broke that the 29-year-old had applied for 10 days of medical leave due to pain in his ankle. He was subsequently warded in an army hospital, and is scheduled to be discharged this Thursday (June 28).

However a Korean media outlet has alleged that G-Dragon is receiving preferential treatment, having been warded in a swanky individual room that is usually reserved for military men who hold the rank of colonel and above.

There were also reports that he has been hospitalised four times since his enlistment, with each hospital stay averaging about 20 days each. He has also applied for medical leave twice, with each leave period being 10 days.

The army later responded to the reports, denying that there were special rooms reserved for high-ranking military men. They added that the singer was currently staying in a single room that was open to anyone who needed special care or a quiet environment away from other patients to recuperate.

G-Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment also released a statement addressing the reports. They shared that the singer often suffered from shoulder dislocations and ankle pain even before enlistment, due to his activities as a singer. The injuries worsened after his enlistment. Results of a medical examination had revealed that the ligaments and muscles in his ankle have worn down, resulting in inflammation. Thus, he had no choice but to undergo surgery to treat the issue. They also reiterated that G-Dragon did not receive preferential treatment.

Subsequent reports also claimed that the reason why G-Dragon was given his own room was because his privacy was invaded, and sensitive details such as the placement of his tattoos and moles on his body were leaked to outsiders. Netizens have expressed their outrage at this, and showed their support to the musician.

Photos: PBE Media​​​​​​​

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