Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei have a heart-to-heart on final episode of ‘Happiness Trio’

The actress talked about her insecurities and dissatisfaction while filming the reality series

barbie hsu wang xiao fei

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s stint on reality series Happiness Trio has finally come to a close, and the couple had a heart-to-heart talk on the final episode of the programme.

During the discussion, the actress admitted that she was initially against the idea of going ons such a programme as she felt that her personal life would be under scrutiny around the clock. Adding that it was her husband who finally convinced her to agree, she admitted, “On the first night that we were here, I was unable to sleep because I kept feeling like there were cameras filming me (even while I was on my bed).”

After getting used to the idea of cameras being all over the house, she shared that she found it comforting that she could spend quality time with her husband without their kids around.

Xiaofei said, “One day, when our children grow up and go to school, we can live like a husband-wife pair who are also friends, just like what we’ve done now. We can go on holidays together and have a very normal life, and our children will be happy too. Isn’t that right?”

The businessman also took the initiative to ask Barbie if there was any dissatisfaction that she felt during the filming, to which she said that she was unhappy that Xiaofei did not kill the flying insects that would invade the house constantly.

To this, he explained that they kept the door open at all times, and that the insects would continue to fly in regardless of how many he killed, and that it was not because he did not care about Barbie’s dislike for them, but because his efforts would be futile.

Barbie accepted his explanation eventually and they agreed that this experience has made them grow closer than ever to each other.

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