Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei deny divorce rumours

Reports claimed that they would be going their separate ways after a particularly nasty quarrel


Is there trouble in paradise? Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei has addressed recent reports that he and his wife, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, will be getting a divorce.

According to Taiwanese media, cracks are beginning to appear in the couple’s eight-year marriage. Barbie and Xiaofei, who tied the knot after twenty days of dating, have a daughter, Wang Xiyue, 4,  and son, Wang Xilin, 2, together.

A close friend of the couple revealed that Barbie and Xiaofei have been arguing constantly in recent months. At one point, Barbie was so upset that she brought up the idea of a divorce. The friend also shared that Barbie’s mum agrees with her daughter's decision and hopes that Xiaofei and Barbie can keep their finances separate.

However, Xiaofei has since denied the reports with a post on his Weibo account. “Yesterday, I was still wrapping dumplings at home, but today, a certain Taiwanese weekly magazine has cooked up a pot of lies, saying that we will be getting a divorce,” he wrote.

Recalling that there were previous false reports alleging that his hotel business was in trouble, Xiaofei continued, “Our hotel is still doing fine. In fact, business is better than before. Next year, will you help us to advertise (the hotel) again? What a joke.”

Barbie’s mother has also denied the reports, saying, “Barbie and Xiaofei will not be getting a divorce. It’s perfectly normal for a couple to argue. A marriage between two (people from) different countries has never been easy.” She also shared that the couple were at loggerheads over their children’s education, and not money.

It is understood that both Xiyue and Xilin are currently studying in Taipei. However, Xiaofei and his mother are said to hope that the the little ones will further their education in China instead.

Photos: PBE Media

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