Masks have been flying off the shelves in the wake of the Wuhan virus outbreak.

The city of Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province have been hit hard after the entire province was put on lockdown, with hospitals appealing online for medical equipment to be sent their way.

Celebrities have been doing their part to help in whatever ways they can. Barbie Hsu, for example, sent 10,000 masks to Wuhan. This came after Taiwan put in place a month-long mask export ban two days ago, which angered many in China as there is a huge shortage of masks there now. 

Barbie's husband, Wang Xiaofei, shared what his wife did on his Weibo on January 27, writing: “My wife is Taiwanese. She found 10,000 masks in Japan and sent it to my ex-classmate’s place in Wuhan. No matter how difficult it is, we have to do our part and donate. We will continue to look for more surgical-grade masks through Japanese channels [to send to Wuhan].”

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