A few months ago, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu was said to have put a few of her Taipei properties up for sale in an alleged attempt to save her husband Wang Xiaofei’s hotel, which, like many other businesses, was affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Although Xiaofei denied the rumour, it looks like Barbie’s now got a whole lot of spare cash to use for, um, family emergencies. On June 29, Taiwanese media obtained documents showing that she had successfully sold two units on the 19th floor of a luxury condo in May.

Both apartments, which Barbie bought before she got married 10 years ago, were said to fetch a total of NT$247mil (S$11.7mil). While that’s about 20 per cent lower than her original asking price of NT$276mil (S$13.1mil), it’s still an impressive amount. What’s more, the two buyers, who made the purchases together, made full payments in cash. Ka-ching.

In a statement shared through her manager, Barbie happily confirmed that the units have indeed been sold.

“It’s been two years since I moved out and commissioned a real estate agent to help sell the place, and I was lucky enough to have sold them recently,” she said. It is just us, or was that a subtle way of proving that the flats were on the market long before the pandemic, therefore shutting down those rumours that she was trying to rescue Xiaofei’s business?

The 43-year-old also clarified that the properties were not sold at a 20 per cent discount, but at their original price, which means she actually did manage to get NT$276mil (S$13.1mil) out of them after all.