Barbie Hsu’s husband posts controversial video of argument with taxi driver

He has since deleted his post, but the damage has been done.


Barbie Hsu’s husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, has been shuttling between Beijing and Taipei since tying the knot with the Taiwanese host nine years ago. He had previously declared himself as “half Taiwanese”, given how much time he spends there.

However, he landed himself in hot soup on January 15, when he posted a video of his argument with a taxi driver in Taiwan. He wrote on his Weibo, “It’s fine if I’m alone in Taiwan. You hurled vulgarities at me just because I spoke with a Beijing accent. This used to be a place which filled me up with love, but now it’s full of hatred. You can ask your buddies in Taiwan to beat me up, but I’m not going to let you off for saying f*** your mum.”

The 38-second video, which was taken by Xiaofei, clearly shows the taxi driver’s face as they are engaged in an intense argument at the side of the road.

“What do you want? Do you want to fight?” the cabby shouted. The cabby claimed that Xiaofei reeked of alcohol, which the businessman denied. As the argument wore on, an unidentified lady stepped into the frame to try to stop the argument from further escalating.

However, the exact opposite happened as the cab driver asked if Xiaofei wanted to get the police involved. “You’re very well connected, right? That’s fine. I know many people too,” the cab driver declared.

Xiaofei has since deleted his video and post, sharing that he does not want to “create conflict out of anger”. He continued that he felt sad that Taiwan is not the same place that he remembers from a decade ago.

The posts have stirred up much debate on Weibo, with some netizens criticising Xiaofei for posting the video without censoring the taxi driver’s face. It has also caused some netizens from the mainland to chime in with their stories of being treated unfairly when visiting Taiwan, and Taiwanese have shot back with their anecdotes of mainlanders behaving badly in their city.

Photos: PBE Media

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