Barbie Hsu’s husband doesn’t know who Gong Yoo is?

Seems like the A-lister doesn’t register on Wang Xiaofei’s radar

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Gong Yoo may be an A-list actor – his latest drama, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, saw his fame skyrocket all over the world – but it seems that there are some who still don’t know who he is. Barbie Hsu’s husband, Wang Xiaofei, was unexpectedly revealed as someone who has no idea who Gong Yoo is, stunning not only his wife, but also netizens.

On a recent episode of Chinese reality variety series Happiness Trio, Dee Hsu made a guest appearance as she paid her older sister and brother-in-law a visit. The sisters were happily chatting in the kitchen when Dee remarked that Chinese actors Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin made an adorable couple.

This made Barbie quip, “Are you saying that my husband and I don’t match well?” Dee quickly assured her sister that she makes a good match with her husband as well, which lifted Barbie’s spirits. Barbie then complimented her sister with, “I think you match well with Gong Yoo!”

Dee, who is known to be a big fan of the Korean actor, was overjoyed at the lavish praise, but her happy bubble popped as Xiaofei suddenly asked, “Are you talking about a descendant of Confucius?” Barbie, who was visibly shocked by his comment, traded glances with Dee before bursting into laughter, leaving Xiaofei even more confused than ever.

Netizens were surprised that Xiaofei has never heard of the popular actor, especially since he is also in showbiz. Others mentioned that Xiaofei wasn’t wrong in his assumption, as Gong Yoo has previously confirmed that he is in the 79th generation of Confucius’s descendants.

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