Barbie Hsu’s husband blames himself for "impeding" his wife’s career

Barbie decided to step back from life in the spotlight after tying the knot in 2010


Actress-host Barbie Hsu and her businessman husband Wang Xiaofei tied the knot in 2010, barely a month after their first date. Four years later, they welcomed their first child, a girl named Wang Xiyue. In 2016, Barbie gave birth to a son, Wang Xilin. 

After tying the knot, Barbie took a step back from her career in the spotlight, choosing to focus on her family instead. In recent years, while she has not filmed any drama series or movies, the actress-host has appeared on a number of variety and reality shows. The most recent show she appeared on, titled, We Are Real Friends, featured the 42-year-old as well as her younger sister, host Dee Hsu, and their good friends, singer Mavis Fan and actress Aya Liu.

However, in a late-night post on October 15, Barbie’s husband, Xiaofei, reposted a post on Weibo of Barbie on the red carpet in 2006. In his caption, Xiaofei wrote, “Why is it that I somehow feel as if I’ve impeded my wife(’s career). If it wasn't for me, she’ll definitely have achieved even better things.”


The businessman’s unexpectedly emotional post caught many fans by surprise, a number of which rushed to comfort him, with a fan writing, “(We should) have different achievements during the various stages of our life, having a loving family is also an achievement.”

Soon after, Xiaofei uploaded a picture of him in his younger days, writing, “I was pretty handsome back then too,” showing that he was feeling much better.

He also uploaded a picture of him together with Barbie, feeding each other. However, his two posts were later deleted, leaving only his repost of Barbie’s pictures. Due to the timing of the posts, as well as his uncharacteristically emotional captions, netizens have speculated that the businessman might have been drunk when he uploaded the posts last night.

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