Barbie Hsu’s husband posts adorable photo of daughter

Wang Xiaofei shares a picture of their daughter on Facebook and shared that he can’t bear to be away from her 


Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu’s entrepreneur husband Wang Xiaofei wrote on Weibo yesterday, along with a picture of his daughter: “The longest time I’ve spent away from my daughter is four days and four nights. After that, I couldn’t take it anymore! What’s your limit?”

Netizens began to reply his post by commenting the longest time they can bear to stay apart from their children. One even commented, “I’m sure Yue’er will grow up to be very proud of her father because you always take time out to spend with your daughter despite your busy schedule just to accompany her as she grows up”.

Not only does Xiaofei dote on his 1-year-old daughter Wang Xiyue (a.k.a. Xiao Yue’er), but he often shows his affection for Barbie too, posting pictures of her regularly and calling her a “beautiful mother” in his posts.

Barbie and Xiaofei  have been married for four years and since they welcomed their daughter to the family last year, the pair have shifted their full attention to parenthood.

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