Barbie Hsu once tried to match-make Ken Chu and Dee Hsu

The actor was unaware of the ‘failed' matchmaking attempt

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Meteor Garden co-stars, Barbie Hsu and Ken Chu guested on the first episode of a new talkshow, Forgive My Bluntness, hosted by Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai, recently.

As it was the first time the two co-stars had shared the stage since Meteor Garden in 2001, there was much gossip and talk between the duo. The most shocking tidbit revealed by Barbie, however, was that she had once tried to match-make Ken and her younger sister, Taiwanese actress-host, Dee Hsu.

Barbie shared that she had asked Ken to bring Dee out to watch a movie together, to which Kevin asked, “Were you playing matchmaker then?,”. Barbie replied in the affirmative, but lamented the fact that nothing came out of the meeting between Ken and Dee.

Ken, who was in the dark when it came to Barbie’s matchmaker intentions, was struck speechless by the revelation. He revealed that he had not “received" Barbie’s signal at that time, and that he had not thought about getting together with Dee. 

Barbie then proceeded to reveal that Dee herself had found Ken to be a little slow on the uptake when it came to taking hints, labelling him a “big weirdo”. Thus, the ‘relationship' between Ken and Dee fizzled out even before it ever started, drawing big laughs from the audience.

Barbie also recounted what she felt when she saw her husband, Chinese businessman, Wang Xiaofei for the first time. “When your Mr Right appears, when you first lay eyes on him, (he’ll) be there, shining brightly in the middle of a crowd. Then, when you make eye contact, you’ll feel like smiling immediately, and start daydreaming about your future,” she gushed.

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