Barbie Hsu jokes about Dee Hsu getting a divorce

Did Barbie Hsu go too far with her jokes on Happiness Trio?

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Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu are known for their variety skills and razor-sharp words, but some netizens have questioned if Barbie went too far on a recent episode of Chinese variety programme Happiness Trio.

In the episode, Barbie, Dee along with Wang Xiaofei were singing karaoke when Xiaofei dedicated Faye Wong’s ‘Chuan Qi’ to Barbie. After his announcement, Dee quipped, “This is also the song my husband dedicated to me!”

She then took her words back, chuckling that it was probably a song that he would dedicate to his friends. Xiaofei agreed with, “I don’t think this song existed when the two of you got to know each other.”

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Teaming up with her husband to poke fun at her sister, Barbie added, “This song was only released when they were on the brink of divorce.” Her statement shocked Dee, and Barbie realised her slip up and apologised to the cameras. “I’m sorry, please edit that out. There’s no such thing (as discord between them). They have a really good relationship!” she declared.

While some have commented that Barbie’s a straightforward person who speaks her mind, others questioned if it was necessary for her to say such a thing, especially about her younger sister. However, others have taken the joke to heart, saying that sisters are the only ones who can joke so freely about such matters and that Barbie’s comments should not be taken to heart.

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