Barbie Hsu: I always delete the numbers of my exes

The actress is against dwelling in the past when it comes to relationships.


There’s no one better than Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu to seek relationship advice from, netizens have declared. The 42-year-old tied the knot with Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2010, and the couple welcomed a daughter and son over the next nine years.

However, before settling down with Xiaofei, Barbie dated her fair share of celebrities, from Taiwanese actor Blue Lan to Taiwanese actor-singer Vic Chou.

Barbie recently guested on an episode of a relationship-themed talkshow, Dream Space 2, where the topic was “dealing with your exes”. Whilst on the show, Barbie revealed that she always deletes the numbers of her exes once a relationship is over.


“I delete everything. When my relationships ended, it was usually because I was the one to initiate [the breakup]. If you want to end it, then you shouldn’t allow the other party any space for them to misunderstand or look back, because if the other party already has an object of affection, you shouldn't cause trouble, which I feel is the mark of someone with low emotional intelligence. If you’re breaking up, you should make a clean break. You shouldn’t live your life in muddy waters, especially when it comes to relationships,” Barbie declared.

Her words earned her the admiration of netizens, who largely agreed with the actress’s sentiments.

When the host continued to ask the male guests present for their thoughts, most of them shared that they’d wait for the other party to delete their contact first, before doing anything. 

Photos: PBE Media

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