Awayne Liu welcomes New Year baby

The singer-actor’s second child was born on the first day of 2019


Taiwanese singer-actor Awayne Liu (also known as Ah Wei) and his non-celebrity wife, Tiffany, welcomed their second child on Tuesday (January 1).

The 33-year-old tied the knot with Tiffany in 2016, and the couple’s first child, a daughter nicknamed Qianqian, was born in the same year. This year, the family-of-three went on vacation together to celebrate the couple’s second wedding anniversary. During the trip, Awayne updated his Facebook to share some good news with his fans.

“Qianqian is growing up well, (if our) little baby is healthy, Weidou [Ed’s note: a nickname made up of Awayne and his wife’s names] will be happy,” he wrote, indirectly revealing that Tiffany was pregnant with the couple’s second child.


Before the arrival of their second child, Awayne and his wife attended Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin’s concert. After the concert, Awayne shared a post on his Facebook, exclaiming that his “son is arriving soon!”. He also added that he was starting on his child’s education early, by letting him listen to good music at the concert.

On January 1, Tiffany updated her Instagram, sharing that their second child had arrived. Adding that the birth was a smooth-sailing process, she wrote, “Didi was delivered by the best team. Qianqian has gotten her first look at her younger brother as well. She was very considerate and careful, full marks to her as an older sister. It was a very special experience, and a wonderful day.”

Photos: PBE Media

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