Avengers: Infinity War - 7 Amazing Things About The Trailer We Can't Stop Talking About

A 5-minute read to forget about 'Justice League'.

We finally get to feast on the first look of the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, set to be released here on 26 April. Watch the trailer below.

We've got the most important moments covered below, in chronological order.

But first, here's a very brief summary of Infinity Wars:

Thanos, a terrifyingly powerful supervillain, is finally coming to Earth himself to collect the six infinity stones. If he succeeds, he will be able to bend reality itself, and will be unstoppable. Can the Avengers and all their allies stop him? 

1. Will Iron Man die?

infinity war tony stark 1

The first scene shows Tony Stark nursing a wounded hand, though we can't be sure whose it is. Spider-Man is also shown to be pinned down by Thanos later. Could Tony have sacrificed himself for the teenager? With Marvel boss Kevin Feige saying that characters might die for good to make way for the next phase of movies, perhaps Stark isn't the only one going. 

2. Captain America and Iron Man bring new friends.

Recap: Cap and Tony Stark had some serious beef in Captain America: Civil War. While the two Avengers will definitely work together to defeat Infinity War's supervillain Thanos, it seems that they have each got new allies. 

In the trailer, Iron Man is aligned with Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner.

avengers iron man

Elsewhere, Captain America is teamed up with Black Panther, Black Widow, Bucky Barnes, the Hulk, and War Machine in the fictional country of Wakanda, 

avengers wakanda

Bruce Banner and the Hulk appearing with both Iron Man and Captain America means that the separate groups will likely meet. 

3. Cap has a beard.

Multiple large-scale battles are shown to take place in Wakanda.  Black Panther,who has his own movie coming out in February, also quips, "Get this man a shield" while pointing to Cap, who has who's grown a mighty, mighty beard, which Netizens can't stop talking about apparently. 

4. Spidey has a new suit. 

avengers spidey

Spider-Man takes up Stark's suit he rejected initially - after all this is the end of the world. He doesn't get any screen time in the trailer with any of the other heroes, but he's crushed by Thanos in the same setting as when Thanos socked Iron Man. This means that he will join the fight proper.

5. Thanos is not alone.

See the person that threw a spear at a bearded Captain America? That's Proxima Midnight.

avengers midnight proxima

In the comics, she's part of Thanos's team to overtake Earth. 

Another Team Thanos member is Corvus Glaive. We catch a glimpse of his weapon trying to extract the Mind Stone out of Vision's head.

avengers glaive

6. Loki is up to no good again.

loki infinity war

In Thor: Ragnarok's post-credits scenes, the Asgardian spaceship Thor & Co are in is intercepted by Thanos's ship. So whatever happens next will bring them back on Earth. Loki is misbehaving again. In the trailer, he's seen surrendering the Tesseract to someone, probably Thanos. So did Loki betray his brother and friends yet again for his ex-master?

7. The Guardians Of The Galaxy are involved as well. 

Did someone call for back-up? We likey. 

avengers guardians

Avengers: Infinity Wars opens Apr 26.

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