Athena Chu and Louis Cheung attended the premiere of their new horror film The Lingering in Hong Kong on September 27.

Athena's husband Paul Wong was also there to how his support. Athena said, "He was interested to see my image in the film, that’s why he came. He wants to watch me as an audience member."

She then revealed that she forbade their 5-year-old daughter to come and visit her on the set of the movie, as the shoot usually took place very late at night, and that the little girl wouldn't understand what a horror film is.

"I didn't want to scare her," explained Athena. "And if they came to visit me, I would be distracted! I'm fortunate that the film was shot in Hong Kong, so I could go home to see my daughter every day. All my stress disappears whenever I hug her."

When asked if she wants to have a boy, Athena said, "I don’t have to have a boy. It depends on God's will."

Louis and Athena had attended the same school before. Louis said, "Athena is an admirable actress. I told her that many boys liked her when we were in school. And she shared many interested things about working with me. I want to ask her for tips about having a daughter."

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