Arissa Cheo says nothing is wrong with her marriage

The Singaporean heiress reassures that the couple is still deeply in love


Arissa Cheo, wife of former F4 heartthrob Vanness Wu, appeared before the media for the first time yesterday (Feb 11) after being plagued by rumours of a rocky marriage since last December.

The couple actively took to their Instagram accounts to disprove those claims. Arissa took the initiative to upload a photo of the couple’s new home last month, with Vanness spotted sitting in the background.

Though Vanness refused to comment on his marriage when promoting his new variety show earlier this month in Singapore, he posted a black and white photo of him and Arissa kissing intimately shortly after, instantly dispelling all negative talk about the couple’s relationship status.

While attending fashion brand H&M’s party in Taipei yesterday evening, Arissa gave a short and sweet reply, “It’s fine, it’s fine,” when asked about her marriage.

As Vanness was not present at the event, Taiwanese media raised their doubts with regards to his absence. However, Arissa simply clarified that her husband was working in Hong Kong and swiftly made her way into the venue.

Later that evening, when reporters approached her about her online verbal dispute with Vanness, she replied wryly, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

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