Ariel Lin has shared that she intends to put work on hold this year in order to try for a baby with her husband, businessman Charles Lin, whom she's been married to for four years.

The Taiwanese actress was responding to questions at an automobile event on February 20, which she attended with Taiwanese actor Austin Lin. She said that she's been preparing for pregnancy for a while, and will continue to prepare for it.

However, whether she will successfully have a baby in the Year of the Pig can only be left up to fate. All she can do is to stop taking on acting projects for the time being in order to spend more time with her husband.

When asked about her driving skills, Ariel admitted that although she got her licence at the age of 18, she does not drive very often. "But I'm a very good 'co-pilot'! When I'm with my husband in the car while he's driving, I can chat with him, give him a massage, or sing for him," she quipped.

As for Austin, he revealed that he is usually a very relaxed driver. "Those who sit in my car while I'm driving are always asking me to hurry up," he chuckled.

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