Ariel Lin’s younger brother praised for heart of gold

Lin Sheng Wei is said to have quietly carried on with his good deeds for the past six years

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Taiwanese actress-singer Ariel Lin has always been known for her heart of gold. Even at her engagement banquet back in 2014, the wedding pastries which were distributed to the guests were specially ordered from a charitable foundation, Children Are Us, where she previously volunteered her services and time at.

It seems like kindness runs in the family as it was belatedly revealed that her younger brother, Lin Sheng Wei, has also been consistently doing his part to give back to society for at least six years.

A netizen reportedly went to an Italian restaurant in Taiwan owned by Sheng Wei, where he received a small gift after settling the bill. Upon opening it after getting home, the present was revealed to have been a small nougat candy with the words ‘Autism Society of Taiwan’ printed on it.

While initial responses saw some guessing that the restaurant was merely using this as a marketing gimmick in order to garner more attention among the general public, a quick search online revealed that Sheng Wei’s restaurant has never mentioned anything about this in any of its marketing material. This has caused an outpouring of positive comments from netizens, who praised the entrepreneur for thinking of the underprivileged despite his restaurant being a small business itself.

When contacted, the Autism Society of Taiwan shared that Sheng Wei recently ordered 300 packets of nougats from them, and that he had made a similar order last year. They also expressed their thanks for his continuous support.

According to Taiwanese media, throughout the six years in which Sheng Wei’s restaurant has been in operation, he has been working with various charitable organisations, including the Children Are Us Foundation, to purchase presents for his patrons.

Photos: PBE Media

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