Ariel Lin rejected work offers that would have paid her enough to “build several buildings”

She has put her career on hold to start a family


Last year, Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin announced that she will let her career take back seat as she hopes to have a baby with her businessman husband Charles Lin. After the pair tied the knot four years ago, Ariel has continued picking up drama after drama, leaving no time for her to start a family.

That changed this year as she announced that she will put a halt to filming, and only take on jobs that require a shorter commitment period, such as event appearances. Her last drama before she went on hiatus is period drama I Will Never Let You Go, which aired in January this year.

On July 30, she attended an event, where she was asked about the progress of her baby-making plans.

“I hope that I can share good news with everyone soon,” she quipped. “But I’m still leaving it to fate.

She admitted that she tries not to put too much pressure on herself, and doesn’t take pregnancy tests often. Ariel has also not asked for tips from her friends as she feels that asking too many questions is also a form of stress, both for her and for her buddies.

Sharing that she recently went for a medical checkup, the actress continued that the results came back fine, but whether or not she will be successful in getting pregnant is all up to fate.

Reporters also asked her about how many jobs she has turned down since going on hiatus, and how much money she has "lost" by doing so. She chuckled, “Since I’ve rejected it, I didn’t see a need to count how much money was involved.”

Her manager, however, quipped, “(The money) is enough to build several buildings”, but stopped short of sharing an actual figure.

Photo: PBE Media

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