Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin tied the knot with her businessman husband, Charles Lin four years ago, in 2014. However, the lovebirds have to live apart from each other, due to their work commitments. Charles is based in America, while Ariel’s work usually has her shuttling between China and Taiwan.

Recently, the 36-year-old took off to Vancouver, Canada for a holiday, together with her close friends, as well as Charles.

Throughout the course of her vacation, Ariel managed to tick a number of items off her holiday bucket list, from visiting a Christmas fair and Granville Island, to completing dives at six scenic spots in the area.

On Tuesday, former singer-actress Stella Huang, who is on vacation with Ariel, shared some pictures of their trip. Amongst the pictures was a group picture of everyone, including Ariel’s husband. As Ariel rarely uploads pictures of her husband, fans were delighted at the picture, which showed Charles all bundled up in black, beside Ariel.

The snow-covered landscape also drew the attention of many, with Ariel herself expressing her admiration for the "laid-back and relaxed" vibes in Vancouver.

Click on for more pictures of their trip!

Photos: PBE Media

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