Are Xiu Jie Kai, Alyssa Chia expecting another baby?

The couple welcomed their second daughter together last March

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After giving birth to BoBo in March 2017, Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia declared that she was done having children. However, if netizens’ suspicions prove to be true, she might very well be expecting her fourth child this year.

Alyssa uploaded photos of the drawings that her husband personally created for her, which she chuckled were “very unique”. Jie Kai’s drawings tickled netizens to no end, with many saying that his artistic abilities were “probably even worse than Bubu and BoBo’s”.

Out of the drawings, the one that caught their attention the most was the one of Alyssa, as the figure representing the 42-year-old had a square head, but a huge body which looked to be a lot rounder than Alyssa’s real-life self.

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This led to many wondering if this was a hint from Jie Kai that the mother-of-three will ‘balloon’ in the coming months as she has a bun in the oven.

The other drawings had no such issues, and netizens mused that it was impossible that an adult wouldn’t know how to gauge how his drawings would turn out and later interpreted by those who saw it.

Alyssa and Jiekai welcomed their first child, Bubu in 2015, followed by BoBo in 2017. The actress was previously married to Sun Zihao with whom she had her first daughter, Angelina.

Neither Jie Kai nor Alyssa has responded to the pregnancy speculation at press time.

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