Are Li Xiao Lu and Jia Nai Liang divorced?

Xiao Lu was previously reported to be having an affair with a Chinese rapper in 2017


Two years ago, Chinese actress Li Xiao Lu was photographed getting intimate with Chinese rapper PG One in the latter’s bedroom. While Xiao Lu’s husband, Chinese actor Jia Nai Liang had initially stood by his wife, recent reports claim that the couple has since decided to call it quits.

Yesterday (April 15), netizens realised that Xiao Lu had removed her Weibo’s background image, reverting to the default light blue theme instead. As her background image was previously one of her and Nai Liang during the actor’s proposal to her, many believed it to be a silent confirmation that their relationship has soured.

However, some netizens also shared that it might be due to the fact that Xiao Lu’s VIP member status on Weibo has expired. As only VIP members of Weibo can set a custom image as their profile background, some reasoned that the image was not intentionally removed by the actress.


In November last year, Xiao Lu was also accused of having a relationship with Chinese singer Joker Xue, which was quickly denied by the singer.

Nai Liang also took to his Weibo to share that he has been “living well on his own”, which supports the claims that he has divorced Xiao Lu.

On Nai Liang’s 35th birthday this year, Xiao Lu, who has always posted a congratulatory post on social media, remained uncharacteristically silent.

The couple has a 6-year-old daughter together.


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