Are Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong still dating?

The actor reportedly mentioned that he “will not date another Miss Hong Kong” in the future


Last month, the entertainment industry was set abuzz after it was revealed that Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui was cheating on his wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong.

Since then, all parties involved have apologised for their actions, with Sammi announcing that she has chosen to forgive Andy and take him back. Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, has also shared that he has forgiven Jacqueline. However, he declined to confirm if he was still dating Jacqueline.

The actress was last spotted at the airport in Los Angeles, where it was reported that she intends to lay low and enrol in a number of acting classes. When approached for a comment, Kenneth replied that he “will not be responding to questions” related to Jacqueline’s latest move.

According to Hong Kong media, the 45-year-old recently shared more about his relationship status in an interview. The actor, who is currently shooting The Exorcist's Meter 2.0, spoke to the media in between filming breaks. During the interview, he reportedly mentioned that he “will not date another Miss Hong Kong” in the future. Jacqueline had gotten her big break in showbiz through the annual beauty pageant in 2012, where she was crowned the first runner-up.

Kenneth’s statement gave rise to speculations that the actor has since broken up with Jacqueline, and is single once more.

However, an insider later refuted the reports, sharing that Kenneth has clarified that he has never mentioned “not dating another Miss Hong Kong” in any interviews. The insider also shared that Kenneth “has never answered any questions related to my relationships”.

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