Are Han Geng and Celina Jade married?

The actress posted - and then deleted - a picture of her with a wedding ring on her finger


In February last year, Chinese singer-actor Han Geng announced his relationship with Hong Kong actress Celina Jade on his Weibo account. 

Han Geng, who is a former member of the K-pop group Super Junior,  is best known for his acting, having appeared in productions like A Chinese Odyssey Part Three and The Great Detective. Celina has appeared in the America television series Arrow, as well as the Chinese film, Wolf Warrior 2.


Earlier this month, Celina had uploaded a picture of herself holding a wine glass on her Instagram account. In the picture, Celina’s left hand was seen tucked under her right elbow, close to her body. However, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that she was wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger. A while later, the post in question was deleted and re-uploaded by Celina, this time, without the ring on her finger.

Soon after, rumours alleging that Han Geng had successfully proposed to Celina started spreading. On June 21, a fan posted online that Han Geng and Celina had registered their marriage in Hong Kong. The post spread like wildfire, with the hashtag “Han Geng and Celina have registered their marriage” trending on Weibo.

Neither Han Geng nor Celina has responded to the reports at press time.


Photos: PBE Media

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