Are Felicia Chin And Jeffrey Xu Getting Married Soon?

After all, their parents met one another in Shanghai recently.

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu are behaving like a pair of teenage lovebirds. Felicia is speaking in a sweet, childlike voice to her 28-year-old actor-beau, occasionally hitting his leg playfully or pinching his cheeks. Jeffrey, while far less physical, is also piling on the PDA, but with his words. “We stick to each other like double-sided adhesive tape,” he says, “No matter how far apart we are, our hearts are still together.” You don't say. 
We had originally planned to speak to Feli alone — the actress was getting fitted for her role in a new Ch 8 drama. But the chat soon became a threesome when Jeffrey dropped by the studio to pick his girlfriend up. Well, good for us. 

8 DAYS: Felicia, you flew to Shanghai to meet Jeffrey’s parents over the Chinese New Year period. How did it go? 
FELICIA CHIN: It wasn’t my first time meeting his parents. I met them when I sent them to the airport with Jeffrey when they visited Singapore. That was before Jeffrey and I got together. My mum met his mum then too. His mum’s very hospitable and warm. But this is the first time my mum is meeting his dad. We had dinner with three tables of his extended family. It was a little overwhelming ’cos there were many names to remember, many children to run after, and of course, people asking us questions like when’s our turn to get married (laughs).

How are his parents like? 
Felicia: His mum is very, very sweet. She actually prepared three new cups, three new toothbrushes and three new towels from the newly-opened Shanghai Disneyland for us. And she prepared slippers for us to wear at home too ’cos it’s really cold. Every morning, she prepared five different kind of drinks — Korean ginseng tea, hot milk, two cups of fruit juices and hot long jing tea — for my mum and I. They also bought a lot of food that Ming Jie likes to eat. They fed us very, very well.

So what else did you do in Shanghai?
Felicia: His parents brought us to eat some famous local delicacies, like xiao long baos. And ’cos it was CNY, a lot of the touristy places were really crowded. But they would brave the crowds for us. Mostly, we were visiting his relatives. This is my mum’s first time in Shanghai and she really wanted to go to Waitan. So Jeffrey’s parents brought us there. It was pretty late at night and it was really cold. His mother wasn’t wearing enough and she caught a cold the very next day. But even though she wasn’t feeling well that night, she still carried on with the trip. It was only until the next day that she told us about it. So I felt really bad. They are very, very giving people.

Family game strong: The couple with Jeffrey's mum and dad (second and third from left) and Feli's mum. 

What do Jeffrey’s parents think of you?
Felicia: (Long pause) He said his parents liked me a lot (laughs). His parents think I’m very sensible and they have a good impression of me lah. But it sounds like self-praise to say this on my own. I’m very shy. You should ask him. He’s coming later to pick me up (laughs).

And your mum’s opinion of Jeffrey?
Felicia: The first time my mum met Jeffrey, she didn’t have a very good impression of him (laughs). They were both sending me off at the airport. He was supposed to send her home after that. But, there was some kind of miscommunication and she ended up going home on her own. So she was like, “Is this guy really going after my daughter?” (Laughs) But, after spending more time together, my mum now likes him a lot. She calls him “bao bei” (laughs).

Since you guys have met each other’s parents, will we hear wedding bells ringing soon?
Felicia: Honestly, we really feel like it’s up to God’s timing. When the time is right, it will happen. But, we do not have a clear answer now. When it happens, you guys will definitely know.

(At this point, Jeffrey strolls into the interview room and Felicia jokingly says in Mandarin: “Alright, I’ll leave you guys to discuss this on your own. I’ll make a move first.”)

We were just asking Felicia, when do you guys plan to tie the knot?
It’s up to God’s plan. We won’t be swayed by other people egging us on to get married. After all, you’re pledging the rest of your life to someone. How can you be sure [that’s the person you want to marry] after just one or two years of dating?
Felicia: Everybody is different. So, for us, there’s really a perfect timing.
Jeffrey: We probably won’t spring a surprise on everybody lah. Like make a sudden announcement.
Felicia: What do you mean by a “sudden announcement”?
Jeffrey: Like, for example, right now, we say that we’re getting married. Or I suddenly [propose to you] at Star Awards.
Felicia: (Laughs)


But you’ve already established that Felicia is The One?
We’ve already gone public with our relationship. What else can we do? We stick to each other like double-sided adhesive tape.
FELICIA: (Smiles sweetly) I feel very happy hearing that (laughs).

Is Jeffrey always this mushy?
No, he doesn’t know how to say sweet nothings (laughs). So, when he does, he really means it. There have been situations where he needs to say something, but he doesn’t. I’d be like I don’t understand what you mean. But he’d say that not everything needs to be said out loud. So that has led to some arguments (laughs).



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