Are Dominique Choy, Sunny Wang expecting a baby?

The couple tied the knot four years ago


Congratulations might be in order for celebrity couple Dominique Choy (previously known as Dominique Tsai) and Sunny Wang. The lovebirds, who tied the knot in 2015 are reported to be expecting their first child together.

Taiwanese reports saw the couple when they were out for a meal recently. Dominique was spotted placing a hand on her stomach before getting up from the table, with a small smile on her face. The 33-year-old also held on to a chair nearby to steady her as she got up.

While they were walking , Dominique appeared to be walking extra slowly and stopped to rest a number of times. Sunny, who was by her side, also stopped to wait for her.

Dominique’s behaviour during their dinner date then gave rise to rumours that she is expecting a baby. 

Previously, Sunny was also asked if the couple had any plans to start a family, to which he replied, “This time, I’ll let her be happier,”  which might have been an indirect admission that Dominique is pregnant.

The couple, who is very involved in marine conservation efforts, often journey to the beach to take part in cleanup efforts as well. Recently, Sunny has been turning up for these cleanups alone. The reports stated that the actor hopes that his wife can focus on her health while pregnant.

Photos: PBE Media

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