Hong Kong actresses Carina Lau and Rosamund Kwan’s spat is well-known in their showbiz circle: the duo were close friends for over two decades before an incident involving Rosamund’s ex-husband ended their friendship.

Rosamund, 56, had wedded Taiwanese billionaire Pierre Chen, 61, in 2014, only to announce their shocking divorce merely one year later in 2015. Days after her announcement, Hong Kong paparazzi ran photos of Rosamund’s good pal Carina Lau, 53, hiking on a mountain with Pierre.

This reportedly upset Rosamund, who publicly called out Carina for hanging out with her ex-husband. “She should be more embarrassed [about the hike]. She does not consider other people’s feelings,” Rosamund had snapped to journos. On Carina’s part, she explained that she had not been aware of Rosamund’s marital woes, and added that it was “common” for friends to hike together. Hmm.

The incident caused a deep rift between the two women, who started avoiding each other at public appearances and events. They both attended a 2016 wedding dinner for Hong Kong socialite Mo Yuk Ping’s son, where the media quizzed Rosamund on whether it was awkward for her to see Carina. “It should be more awkward for [Carina],” Rosamund apparently said, while Carina maintained that she wasn’t embarrassed as she had “done nothing wrong”. Ooh, claws out.

Rosamund and Carina’s cold war was still apparent last December, when Hong Kong producer Charles Heung threw a star-studded 70th birthday bash, which both actresses attended but were not spotted interacting.