Are Anthony Neely, Kris Kuan expecting a child together?

The singer filed for divorce with his non-celebrity wife after cheating on her with Kris


News of discord in Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely's marriage with his wife, non-celebrity ViVi, first went public in June 2017, when it was revealed that the couple of seven years had started divorce procedures

Shortly after, it was revealed that the cause of the divorce was Anthony’s infidelity. ViVi later sued the 32-year-old, as well as his musical co-star, Taiwanese singer Kris Kuan, for adultery. The case was officially resolved in April last year, with Anthony and ViVi going their separate ways.

Since the divorce, it seems that Anthony has maintained his relationship with Kris, with recent sightings of the duo catching a late-night movie together.


Last Monday (February 18), the duo were seen at a movie theatre, where they bought tickets for a 9pm showing of the movie, The Favourite. The pair reportedly took a stroll around a nearby park to kill time before the movie started. 

After the movie, they headed to the carpark where their was parked. Along the way, Anthony and Kris locked lips multiple times, seemingly caught up with each other. Once in the car, they headed over to Anthony’s place, where Kris stayed the night.

Another recent report claimed that Kris is pregnant. However, the reports were swiftly denied by her manager.

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