Anthony Wong speaks up for Yammie Lam

The recently-deceased actress was described as 'hard to work with' by a producer


Former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam was found dead at home on November 3, prompting an outpouring of messages of condolences from her ex-colleagues in the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview, when asked to comment on Yammie’s passing, veteran Chinese producer Chou Yo brought up an incident where she had worked together with Yammie, deeming her “one of the actresses I’m most afraid of,” for her demanding behaviour.

Chou Yo shared that while they were working together for the drama, Half A Lifetime’s Fate, A Lifetime’s Romance, the cast and crew had gone to Suzhou, China to film the drama. At that time, Yammie had insisted on staying at an established hotel in the city, instead of one that was located in a smaller town.

One day, the fog in the small town was so severe that it caused poor visibility and they could not see beyond an arm’s length of distance. Thus, Chou Yo opened up her room to Yammie, so that she could sleep over for a night. However, Yammie refused to do so, and insisted on returning to her hotel in the city instead. 

As a result, they had no choice but to hire someone else to drive ahead of Yammie’s car, to clear the path and ensure that the half-hour journey went by without a hitch, siad Chou Yo, who labelled Yammie as “one of the actresses I’m most afraid of”.


After veteran Hong Kong artiste Anthony Wong learned about Chou Yo’s comments, he could not help but speak up for Yammie. At an event to promote his latest drama on Wednesday (November 7), Anthony retorted, “There's a producer who has emerged to capitalise (on another’s tragedy)”.

The actor shared his opinion on the matter, reasoning that if they needed someone to guide the way and clear the fog on the journey back to the hotel, it meant that the hotel was not too far away. 

Additionally, he raised a question for Chou Yo, saying, “The hotel’s so near, why can’t she return to the hotel? Why must she sleep in your room?”. He also expressed that Yammie’s wish to stay in a larger hotel was something that must have been communicated to the staff during initial negotiations, and that it was impossible for Yammie to want to stay at a five star hotel all of a sudden.

He also commented on the allegation that Yammie refused to start work until she had been paid, saying that it was common for Hong Kong actors and actresses to meet with producers who would delay their pay. Thus, he felt that it was perfectly normal for Yammie to refuse to work until her pay came in. 

Finally, he condemned Chou Yo for going too far with her intolerant comments, as he feels that one should spare a thought for the departed, instead of capitalising on their demise to create news.

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