Annie Yi refutes rumours of third pregnancy

“I should have a hundred children!”


Last Sunday (June 9), Taiwanese actress Annie Yi updated her Weibo account with a short video of her daughter, 3-year-old Milly, dancing along to music at a clothing store. While filming the video, Annie walked towards a mirror, inadvertently appearing in the video as well. 

As Annie was dressed for comfort in a loose pink tee paired with sweatpants, some claimed that she was sporting a baby bump. Media outlets quickly picked up on the video, releasing articles speculating if the 50-year-old was pregnant with her third child. 

However, it seems that the rumours weren't true after all, with Annie penning a Weibo post sharing her thoughts on motherhood yesterday afternoon (June 11). The post was accompanied by a picture of Annie showing off her flat stomach, as well as a screenshot of an article speculating if Annie was pregnant.


“I truly feel that I’m really suitable to be a mother. After being single for so long, I wished to give birth to 18 children. I feel that you don’t need to pass a test to become parents.  You’re just cheapening the life of a child by making it equal to getting a license to drive. Because I love children so much, and have always worked hard to become a mother that grows along with her children, I should have given birth to 18 children,” Annie wrote.

She then went on to compare the joy of having children to eating a delicious ice cream, as one would definitely wish to share the joy with their loved ones. “I experienced this joy earlier than my man (Qin Hao), so I hope for him to be able to feel the joy of becoming a parent once more (as well),” Annie continued.

“It’s a pity that I am not (pregnant), but if another miracle were to come to me, or even a hundred miracles, I’d want it all. Even if I was single, because I truly, deeply, feel that as a mother who loves children with all her heart, and is capable of raising them well to boot, I should have a hundred children!” Annie wrote.

Annie ended her post by sharing that even if she is not blessed with another child, she’ll make sure to love and help other children out as well, as they are the biggest joy in her life.

Annie has a 17-year-old son, Harrison Yu, from her first marriage to Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu. In 2015, Annie tied the knot with Chinese actor Qin Hao and gave birth to a daughter, Milly Qin, a year later. The actress has previously mentioned that she wants to have a third child.

Photos: PBE Media

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